The Perils of Indie Marketing…

Although I am part of a three person team, my other two teammates have jobs that are done once the game is wrapped up and built on Steam. However, as the head of the small firm, my job is never quite done.

I am fine with this as I get excited seeing new things happen that give exposure (any tiny bit of exposure) to the product but cracking the big stuff still isn’t happening.

I know I am being impatient but I have been sending out Steam Codes and emails like crazy and even talking to some YouTubers on Twitter (small ones even) and still not getting anyone who will cover the game.

I see “The Mines of Morseph” and I see something of beauty. It is, without a doubt, the best game I have been a part of making so far. But I wonder if I am like Phil Fish in Indie Games: The Movie; perhaps I have been looking at the project too much and have no perspective. (Although my development time was FAR less than his for Fez.)

Hopefully, I will get a break through soon and someone will cover it. But even better is I hope I don’t start to lose faith in a project due to lack of interest or exposure from the gatekeepers known as “influencers.”

God Bless,