Looking ahead while enjoying the present…

As I await Steam’s approval and do what I can to get the word out about “The Mines of Morseph”, I realize I also want to stay sharp on my coding skills and stay hyped about the future of this company.

I realize that I need to hit at least a minimum burn rate of cash off of TMoM to be able to continue developing games full time but I am trying to get a jump start on things just in case.

For those interested (if you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t be reading this, I suppose), if we are able to do another game, the next one will be a follow up to TMoM which follows the lore found in the books in the game and the information given in the Outro of the game after beating it. I don’t want to give away too much but it will be much longer than TMoM and with, hopefully, more features that increase the versatility of things you can do in this part of the world (we think TMom gives good options but we have a few more ideas.)

Therefore, I have been trying to find the right balance of marketing TMoM pre-release, trying to do PR work to get reviewers and/or YouTubers involved (hard to do and we are still > 1 month from release), and working on new features to add to my engine for the follow-up for my sanity and to keep hope alive.

Being a game designer is both awesome and stressful. But implementing new engine features that work how you expect is one of the greatest feelings in the world…not nearly as great as someone playing and enjoying your game however.

I have already gotten offers for voice acting on my next title. If TMoM gives me the response I need, I may very well implement this feature on the follow-up.