Launch upon us…next steps?

As I sit back and wait for the October 3rd launch of “The Mines of Morseph”, I keep thinking of what is next. I have ideas for a followup, no doubt, but I want to give this game as much of a shot at being seen as I can. I have already reached out to a certain console to see if we meet their standards to port to them. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not but I feel like our game is a good fit for their console since my engine was written in a similar language as their native language and their input device was pretty much what we used to for testing during development.

I would like the opportunity to port to a console and this game seems like a “console-style” game anyway since it plays better with a controller than a keyboard. I do worry about the keyboard input mechanic (for codepaths) and how I would adapt that but I suppose I could use decision trees or bring up a simulated keyboard or something.

On another note, I am not sure if it is obvious by the spelling or not but “Morseph” is pronounced as “More” + “sef” (as in Joseph.) I figured it was obvious but it might not be. I have made games in the past that I thought had obvious pronunciations but they weren’t.