Launch day came and went…

The night before was exciting but I was nervous. It was a rush watching our capsule climb up the “Upcoming” tab from the front page. I know we were getting huge amounts of page hits and I was correct. The next day, I saw that we got over 2,500 store page views from that period. Adding quite a few wishlisters as well.

The launch day was not so fun. Few sales and bad placement on the store front. We ended with less than 10 sales for launch and a bunch more wishlisters. I guess our price is too high? Maybe we just didnt have a game that the public wanted?

I am starting to feel as though this indie game scene is largely based off of luck…or maybe it is just about having a name people recognize…or maybe you must have 2-3 years of pre-release hype like Cuphead to get noteriety. Who knows? But I am doing things different for the next title…

I am not putting any significant development length into this next title…nor will it be serious…nor will it cost more than a drink at McDonalds. The title will be quick, silly, and cheap…this is the perfect title for a Steam indie.

It will be called “Chicken with Chainguns”. We find this title to be instantly grabbing, very easy to remember, funny, and not to be taken too seriously. We are aiming for about a month development cycle (if we put in two crazy Scrum sprints),  and we are going for HUGE volume sales as we plan to release it for only about a buck. We feel our best hope at this point is to hit launch day hard and fast to hope to get on the Trending list. By charging next to nothing, people will not feel the need to wishlist or wait for a sale.

We need to make some money too…eating and having a roof over your head is kindof important. We still plan to make it a quality title despite a VERY short development title. It will be loosely based off of the Morseph engine (v2d) and we were working on the Morseph sequel engine (v2dx) which will not be finished yet but some of the functionality will be in the Chickens with Chainguns engine. We will modify the engine to strip out the fat that isnt needed for a simple 2d shooter and add the needed functionality to make it work for this genre.

TL; DR: Don’t ever expect your first title on Steam to be successful. You have to fail to get a better idea on what doesn’t work for Steam. Serious games that cost more than a Big Mac from unknown indie devs DON’T sell well…or at all…on Steam. So lets try the “race to the bottom” with a ridiculous 2d shooter than costs less than a small drink after tax. 😉